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Bio-security against viruses and germs of all kinds

A new standard

During the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations became aware of the importance of health protocols and their effectiveness. Classic tools (masks, gels, plexiglass) have been put in place in the last few months, but other more innovative and less intrusive solutions exist. This is where Blue Sun comes in.

Blue Sun designs innovative disinfection solutions that allow everyone to live in a healthier environment. Our appliances incorporate proven technology and combine design, autonomy and efficiency.

In order to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the best bio-security techniques and technologies, we have designed elegant, efficient and safe devices.



Because your customers deserve the best possible experience, Blue Sun's solutions are sleek, discreet and elegant. 

They can be easily integrated into your interior, respecting your identity and your interior design.



The technology used by Blue Sun is recognised by the scientific community. Independent laboratories attest to their effectiveness against all types of micro-organisms, starting with Covid-19 of course. 

The systems we have created also allow you to disinfect your spaces while controlling your electricity consumption. 



Blue Sun devices are designed to operate without the need for maintenance personnel. 

They are fully automatic or controlled by a single gesture so that they never interfere with your work, your reception, your activity. Discover the Blue Sun advantages in our product pages.  

Why UV-C?

UVC is currently the best solution for sanitising a space.

UV-C technology was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and its effectiveness in water purification led to its adoption. It is now used by most drinking water plants.

Since then, the development of UV-C has enabled it to be used in a wide range of industrial applications (transport, food industry, health).

The impact of the Covid-19 was such that Blue Sun wanted to make this technology available and applicable to our living spaces. To protect against future epidemics, but also to provide better bio-security for everyone against all viruses, germs and bacteria.

This is the mission of Blue Sun.

What is UV-C?

The sun produces 3 types of ultraviolet radiation: A, B and C. A and B rays reach the earth's surface. All living things have therefore adapted to these rays over the course of evolution.

The UV-C rays are blocked by the atmosphere, and the micro-organisms have never had the opportunity to adapt to them. On contact with UV-C, the protein layer of the micro-organisms is destroyed and their DNA is broken. They therefore become harmless and are unable to reproduce.

Blue Sun solutions artificially reproduce these rays to inactivate all micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, moulds) present in a room. 


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