Our Values, Blue Sun

Enjoying our living spaces, safely


Long-term commitment

In order to preserve our planet and its future, Blue Sun solutions are made of 100% recyclable materials.

Blue Zone has been designed to operate only when necessary, to minimise energy consumption, while providing maximum efficiency.

Blue Sun is a partner of EBS Espérance (a member of Emmaus), which handles Blue Sun's storage and logistics for the Euro zone.


Innovating for Well-Being

The pandemic has raised awareness of health issues and the lack of measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

But the thinking doesn't stop there: all seasonal illnesses are a source of discomfort and loss of wealth for organisations. Blue Sun addresses the problem at its source by cutting the chains of contagion within organisations. 


Safety as a priority

Blue Sun devices are designed to prevent human exposure to UVC radiation.

Our equipment disinfects the air and surfaces in a way that is safe for the users of your premises. 

All Blue Sun solutions and their operation are certified by Bureau Veritas.

Blue Zone protects users of the room with its SAS System.

PropAir does not emit UVC radiation to the outside the device. 


Our team

Blue Sun is above all a family business, born from the energy of two brothers separated by 10,000 km. 

Laurent, in Asia since 2009, is witnessing the spread of the pandemic in early 2020. In March, Blue Sun was created with the intention of treating indoor spaces and reassuring users. 

UVC technology quickly became the best. Blue Sun has developed these devices with the support of Philips - Signify, a major player in the industry with 40 years of experience in developing the best UVC sources.

Blue Sun is currently distributed in Europe and Asia. 

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